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About Christina

My original intent behind studying equine massage was to be able to provide massage for my own horse, Teddy. Over time it evolved into a business helping lots of horses in the community. Several years later, Teddy, now in his late teens, especially enjoys both massage and Rapid Release treatments! Teddy doesn’t look or act a day over 10 and is sound as can be! 

Christina is proud to carry certifications in both Equine Sports Massage (E.S.M.T.) as well as being a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT). She has been interwoven in the Veterinary Community since 2007, and holds her degree in Veterinary Technology. When she is not working with the horses she is managing a Small Animal Hospital in San Marcos.  Her knowledge in Veterinary Medicine helps her understand Equine anatomy and how all the “parts” work together. She is very adept at locating soreness and tension through a series of palpation and body language awareness.

Experience and Certifications

Equine Sports Massage Therapy Certificate (ESMT)

Internationally certified by Equissage 

Degree in Veterinary Technology 

from an AVMA Accredited college

Licensed Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT)

Veterinary Technician since 2007 


My Philosophy

I believe horses are the “ultimate athlete”. Just like any human athlete they require specialized care in order to feel their very best. Through therapeutic modalities such as massage and rapid release we are able to achieve improved range of motion, tissue regeneration and tension elimination.  Investing in your horse’s wellness is one of the kindness things you can do for your beloved equine partner. Our horse’s bring so much joy into our lives and Christina believes Equine Massage, and providing other therapeutic services, is a great way of giving back. 

Tribute to Denise Bean-Raymond, ESMT

Growing up Christina Cano, owner of NCEM, always knew horse’s were her passion. As an adult she has often reflected on which person was most instrumental in her equine journey throughout her youth, and that person was Denise. For many years Denise was Christina’s riding instructor and mentor. Her ability to teach in a positive and encouraging way was something Christina really benefited from. As an instructor Denise embodied positivity and encouragement. She had a way of sharing the feelings of excitement when reaching a goal, making corrections when needed in order for learning and advancement, and providing amazing positive reinforcement. Although Christina and Denise no longer live in the same state they have stayed in touch and share similarities in their career path. They have both allowed their passion for horses drive them into careers providing comfort and support as Equine Massage Therapists. Christina will be forever thankful for her friend and mentor Denise. 


Click here to learn more about Denise and her work. 

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