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At North County Animal Wellness we offer Vet Tech home care. Vet Tech home care is a category between basic pet sitting services and full Veterinary Care. In-home services are performed by Licenced Veterinary Technicians and Certified Veterinary Assistants with years of hands-on experience in the field of Veterinary Medicine. Vet Tech home care is ideal for pets that may not do as well in the clinical setting and feel more secure in their own home. On top of Vet Tech home care services we also offer medical pet sitting and overnight stays in the comfort of your own home. ​


To schedule, email or call 978-766-1919


Medically trained professionals fully licensed & insured.

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Nail Trim (dogs and cats)


Ear Medication Application


(when previously prescribed by your veterinarian)

Ear Cleaning


with pH balancing cleanse

Basic Clip & Clean


Sanitary Shave

Anal Gland Expression (dogs)



Medication Administration


As previously prescribed by your veterinarian (including insulin) 

Blood Glucose Check


Previously diagnosed diabetics only

Subcutaneous Fluid Administration


Supplied by your veterinarian

Dog Walks

$1 per minute

$1 per minute | $30 for 30 minutes | $60 for 60 minutes

Medication or Vet Pick up and Delivery

Varies by location

Medication and/or Veterinary Diet pick up and delivery

Kitty Visit


Feeding, TLC, Litter Box Scooping

Phlebotomy & Lab Work Drop off at Vet

Varies by location

as directed by your Vet

Overnight Pet Sitting

Varies $125-$200

Depending on # of pets and specialized medical needs

Drop in Visits (Canine)


Includes short walk, feeding, and medicating as needed

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