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Benefits of Equine Massage Therapy

Transparency and trust. I want my clients to feel like we are all part of the same team. I am very communicative of my findings and suggestions for continued care.  We will work together to create a personalized treatment plan that works for you. We believe consistency is key and you will receive top notch service every single time. After each visit you will receive a detailed treatment report with information on your massage session. When receiving a thermography scan you will receive several thermo images that you can share with other members of your horse’s team including your vet and chiropractor.


Read below to learn more about how the different modalities can benefit your equine companion.

Massage Therapy

  • Increased flexibility and range of motion. 

  • Injury prevention. 

  • Increased circulation of nutrient rich blood. 

  • Tissue oxygenation and healing. 

  • Elivates pain, releases endorphins. 

  • Enhances performance. 

  • Decreases inflammation. 

  • Relaxation. 

  • Enhances muscle tone and prevents atrophy (muscle deterioration). 

  • Immune system support.

Thermography Scan.JPG

Infrared Thermography Imaging

  • Detects heat and inflammation.

  • Points out any irregularities in the muscle tissue or unevenness. 

  • Can indicate proper or improper saddle fit. 

  • Can locate the source of strains, sprains and injuries.

Rapid Release Technology

  • Delivers precise, targeted energy that releases pain and tension. 

  • Combines high-speed vibration and short stroke action. 

  • Class 1 medical device approved by the FDA. 

  • Brings blood flow and oxygenation to muscle tissue and fascia. 

  • Sessions are brief and take about 15 minutes so your horse does not have to stand still for long periods of time. 


Ready to Book? 

I'm here to help you and your horse reach your goals and be the best team you can be! 

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