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Happy Clients

"Christina is a valued member of the care team for my horses. I first had Christina work on my mare a few years ago when we were going through some challenges with her. We felt that my mare was struggling more than she should and as we worked to uncover what exactly that issue was, I turned to bodywork. I met Christina out at the barn the first time as I wanted to meet the person who would be working with my mare as I figured I would not always be able to make appointments. From the beginning, Christina was very sweet and knowledgeable. I watched her work with my mare in her stall while I stood in the corner near her head. I remember very distinctly that as Christina was working with her, my mare pushed her head forward against my side and held it there for a long time. This isn't a behavior she normally does and I felt sure she was saying, "Thank you."


Since then, Christina has continued to work with my mare, providing an extra layer of support in her training program alongside traditional veterinary diagnostics. I always look forward to her reports, which tend to confirm what I suspect from the saddle. Having my mare in a program where she is supported with regular massage has been critical in helping her move beyond the "stuck place" we were in a few years ago. Since Christina started working with her, we've been able to take my girl from struggling mightily to jump up from 2nd level to showing 4th and starting to school some of the PSG movements. Christina remains very kind, reliable, and dedicated in her work. She also works with my older gelding and I appreciate the care she provides to him as well, especially relative to his age and past injuries. We've recently been trying out her newer services and I'm excited to see where that leads. Thank you Christina!"

Shannon F. 

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